About Us

Kolhapuri is originated from the name of Kolhapur, a city in Maharastra . The name Kolapuri was christened by late Sashibhusan Das the founder, who actually found some prosperity in utilizing this name as a brand of shoe. From the year of 1962 we started our first voyage in the sea of various competition, faced so many struggles, stepping stones, difficulties and finally abled to establish our existence vigorously. We at first used to supply shoes to different companies as a whole seller, taking the leather made products from Kolhapur since the debut year. We came into the limelight when we first opened our own retail shop in 1991 and started selling our product to retail customers. We steadied our position when we met customers' demand totally from middle class to elite class people, thus our business expanded thoroughly without any hassle. The smooth road of Kolapuri Centre was created for providing sheer genuine leather which is very rare and the unique designing art which are the building blocks of our organization from where our customers get ultimate satisfaction in gratis with our products. We always make it our first priority to  maintain a reasonable pricing of our products. The hidden treasure for the glorious success of Kolapuri Centre which enlightened its past present and upcoming future is the genuinity of pure leather without any compromise on quality and unique blend of designing art which balances each and every generation's demand.

In the year 2016,we started our quest to search for a new line of products which can act as an all-rounder that is it can be worn with both Regular Casuals as well as with Ethnic dresses.After years of rigorous research,we came up with the OCCASUAL Collection and we are proud to present it to you.

The great range of our products include chappals, leather covered shoes, Rajasthani Boots, Rajasthani fashionable ladies chappals, long lasting shoes, bags, belts, flip-flop, rough and tough shoes for all seasons, various types of Ethnic-wear shoes for purposes like weddings, marriage ceremonies etc.The versatile collection of Kolapuri Centre also includes unbeatable products like Nagra from Jodhpur, Rajasthani bags and heart winning ladies bags.

We also have a heart-winning Ladies Collection,with this product (image shown below) being the best-seller of them all.

We thus have got the winning flag for our individualization and will also further move to achieve our goal in a golden prosperous manner.